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An Educational Exhibit for All!

Jurassic Journey is the creation of the Burning Tree Casting Company.  Featuring a variety of over 150 individual full-size,
museum quality replicas, this exhibit is designed to stimulate the imagination of anyone interested in dinosaurs.

The objective of Jurassic Journey is to create a spectacular exhibit of the dinosaurs coupled with educational
information.  Because dinosaurs are often the first exposure school age children have with science education,
it is important the experience not only be visually attractive but also educational.  This objective helps make a proven,
successful exhibit also a worthwhile educational experience for your patrons of all ages.

Jurassic Journey is especially designed to be a mobile display of dinosaur replicas for public attractions
such as fairs, malls, trade shows or convention centers and as an educational exhibit for schools.

The professional staff representing Jurassic Journey will be on hand to answer questions from your
patrons and the news media during all hours the exhibit is open for viewing.  Our seasoned
staff offer optional presentations about dinosaurs and the events that took place on planet Earth
during the Mesozoic era.

Please feel free to contact us on having our display at your event.  We are
here to answer any questions you may have.  Check out our contact page for
more information on how to get in touch.


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